Aim and Scope

In Turkey, where academic journal publishing has been booming recently, the lack of scholarly journal publishing on sports history was a significant deficiency. To overcome this deficiency, bring together sports history researchers in Turkey, carry Turkey's sports history accumulation to future generations, and crown the value of sports with cultural and historical heritage, we have set ourselves the task of publishing The Journal of Sports History Studies (STAD).  

STAD encourages the research of historical, social, economic, cultural, and economic aspects of sports. STAD is a peer-reviewed academic journal that accepts research articles, review articles, book reviews, scientific meeting notes, letters to the editor, and discussion articles.

STAD also accepts historically informed manuscripts from disciplines such as anthropology, cultural studies, media studies, and sociology. Manuscripts submitted to STAD may include historical case studies, biographical analyses, and broader analyses of the sport's social and cultural significance. STAD welcomes interdisciplinary work and methodological discussions on the study of sports history.